Veggie Booty and Super Veggie Tings RECALL

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My new favorite snack food, Veggie Booty, has been recalled due to salmonella contamination.  There have been 50-something reported cases over the past 3 months all over the country that have been traced back to this product.

Information on the recall is found HERE.  You’ll need to return the empty bags to the store where you bought them or to the manufacturer for reimbursement.

I just had to throw away 3 bags.  I hope they make it again soon.

UPDATE 7/3/07:  The manufacturer has added Super Veggie Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks to the list of recalled product – all lots and dates of manufacture.

Yo no quiero Taco Bell

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Here in NJ, we are experiencing an E. coli outbreak related to Taco Bell restaurants.  Three restaurants in NJ are listed due to multiple patients, and there is some indication of a similar problem on Long Island, NY.

The night before Thanksgiving (within the timeframe for this outbreak) I picked up takeout Taco Bell at for my wife and I.  The next day, I experienced unexplained cramping and diarrhea.  I’m now wondering if that was the Taco Bell (though I had just had the colonoscopy 5 days previously).

I guess I’ll avoid them for now.

Third Annual “Eat an Animal for PETA” Day

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Today is the 3rd Annual International “Eat an Animal for PETA” Day.

The holiday was thought up by Meryl Yourish a few years back, when PETA offended her Jewish sensibilities by likening the slaughter of animals to the slaughter of Jews by the Nazis.  (Yes, they really did!)

The PETA folks are just plain nuts.  They are hypocrites, and many have no problem exploiting the very animals that they protect.  Besides, we’re at the top of the food chain for a reason, right?  We are omnivores, not herbivores.

I haven’t taken it as far as others who feel the need to eat as many animals as possible today.  I’ve kept it simple.  A bologna sandwich for lunch, and we’re having beef burgers for dinner.

We would have had lamb burgers for dinner, based on the idea that we should eat the cutest animal possible.  Unfortunately, the lamb patties turned on us in the freezer.

So, get out there and EAT MEAT!

Outsourcing Minimum Wage Jobs

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McDonald’s is apparently considering outsourcing drive-thru order taking.  Reuters Story

That’s right – the person behind the clown’s mouth (though McDonald’s doesn’t really have those anymore) might be several states away.  Probably in a cheaper job market.  And they won’t have any idea whether or not your McDonald’s is out of Apple Pies or not.  I can’t see how they’ll be accountable for mistakes either.  (“Sorry, I know you ordered a Big Mac but the girl in Cleveland typed in McNuggets by mistake.  If you’ll just pull over here we’ll fix it.”)

How long before they outsource the jobs to India?  Not only will we have trouble understanding the Dell tech support folks, but now we won’t be able to order American food from an American restaurant without talking to a foreigner! (OK, to be fair, that’s already true in some parts of the country.)

I Guess They’ll Skip Her House on Halloween …

In Durango, Colorado, two teenage girls (17 and 18) were successfully sued for delivering a gift of cookies to a neighbor’s house.

Wanita Renea Young was at home when her neighbors came over with a Random Act of Kindness – a few cookies.  They had been delivering cookies to their neighbors on Avenida Del Sol in Durango, CO for about an hour, having skipped a dance to be kind to their neighbors.  They even skipped houses that were dark – only going to houses where the light was on and someone was presumably up (at 10:30pm on a Friday summer night).

Ms. Young was so frightened by these scary girls (see picture with Follow Up story below) that she called the Sheriff.  The Sheriff didn’t see anything illegal.  She ended up going to the hospital with symptoms of a heart attack.

Wait – it gets better.  She later sued the girls, and won a judgment from a Small Claims Court judge (who is apparently very small himself) for $900 in medical costs, plus $1 in damages.

The good news is that the kids are alright.  MANY people have offered to pay their costs.  They’ll even be going to NYC to appear on Good Morning America. (Followup #1)

But then it gets even worse.  Apparently, Wanita Young’s husband won’t stop calling the girls’ house.  Herb Young is the subject of a restraining order requested by the father of one of the girls. (Followup #2)

Wanita Young – you are truly a hard-hearted person.

Stupid People #2 – Soprano’s Italian and American Grill Lake George NY

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In Lake George, NY, charges have been dropped against Humberto Taveras after he was alleged to have left a less-than-desired tip for dinner. (Newsday story)

Mr. Taveras ate at the restaurant on September 9 with a party of 8 people. He wasn’t happy with the service provided by the restaurant, so he left a tip of about 12%. The menu listed a mandatory gratuity of 18% for parties of 6 or more. When he left a smaller tip, the restaurant owner (Joe Soprano) had him arrested for theft of services.

The Warren County District Attorney dropped the charges yesterday, stating that customers cannot be required to pay a gratuity.

What’s most worrisome to me is the attitude of the restaurant owner that a gratuity is required. A gratuity is just that – something given in thanks for good service. It is never required, though you shouldn’t be too surprised if you have to wait forever for food that has been spit upon if you come back to a the same place after leaving a lousy tip.

I generally tip 15%. Twenty years ago, I can remember the expected tip being 10%. Now, it seems like 20% is not only expected but demanded for average service. I generally use 15% because it’s fairly easy to calcluate in my head. I do tend to round up, especially if I get good service, but I’m also not afraid to reduce the tip for poor service.

A mandatory gratuity is an oxymoron. The folks at Soprano’s qualify as morons as well.

Kentucky Fried Cruelty

(This is getting to be tough week. I’m finding myself having to take the side opposite my own beliefs because those who I agree with are going to extremes.)

I hate PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). These people are generally vegetarian Nazis – who believe that eating meat is morally wrong. I have a few vegetarian friends, but they are very good about respecting the eating habits of others (as my wife and I do for them by providing veggie alternatives when they eat at our house). PETA is also the same group that paints fur coats and commits other acts of veggie-terrorism.

However, in one case at least they’ve gotten it right.

This link is to a video shot by an undercover PETA employee at a Pilgrim’s Pride plant in West Virginia. This particular plant supplies chicken to KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), which has been targeted by PETA. The video shows workers throwing live chickens against a wall and kicking them. It ends with workers actually stomping on live chickens – in one case hopping across the floor to hit more chickens.

This is depraved. Apparently, it’s caused by frustrations and boredom among the plant workers. However, this behavior is unacceptable in anyone. Cruelty to animals is closely linked to abuse of people.

I’ve written to Pilgrim’s Pride and KFC and told them that I’ll be boycotting them (in KFC’s case all brands owned by YUM Brands, Inc.) until they show a clear track record of proper behavior. I suggest that you do the same.