Today’s Accomplishments

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Once in a while, you have to pat yourself on the back for the little things.

1. Spoke to solar panel installer about revised schedule (more info at Smith Electric Company). Re-arranged vacation schedule at work on short notice.
2. Located 14-year-old bug in the billing system that just showed up this month. This was a tricky one.
3. Managed not to annoy wife who got to stay home today when I got up and dressed this morning.
4. Pet cats. Cats happy to see me.
5. Offered advice to another IT group on a joint project.

All in all, a quiet day. Any day without discord is a gift.

Solar Energy Blog Updated

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My blog about the installation of solar panels on our house has been updated. Go take a look!

Growing Old

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I was just on the phone talking to my mother (to tell her about my solo flight below).

She called my younger brother on his birthday a week ago. She told him that he was making her feel old.

Brother: “Why?”
Mom: “Because I have a son who’s 32 years old.”
Brother: “I hate to tell you this, but I’m 33 years old.”

True story!

Al Sharpton on Gay Marriage

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Now, I’m no fan of Al Sharpton. I watched on TV from college as his marchers torched Teaneck, NJ after a police shooting – just a few miles from my family home.

On the other hand, I am a supporter of gay rights and gay marriage.

Today, on CNN’s Crossfire program, Al Sharpton appeared. He was asked about gay marriage, and he made a strong statement. I struggled to write it down quickly, so I might be slightly wrong in the exact words that he used.

Al called the issue “a weapon of mass distraction”. He also said:

“The question is not who you go to bed with, it’s whether or not you have a job when you wake up.”

You go, Al.

Maybe this will look good on Outside the Beltway Traffic Jam.


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Yesterday morning, I woke up at 5:30am to the sound of a “low battery” chirp on my smoke detector. I figured out which one it was (of 7) and replaced the battery.

Then, I noticed that it was rather cold. I looked at the thermostat and confirmed my problem – my furnace was out. And, it was 15F outside at the time!

I have a Rheem gas forced-air furnace. The ignitor failed – for the 2nd time since it was installed 8 years ago.

I was able to reach Mark Ice of Advanced Air Co, Inc. He responded at 7am on a Sunday morning (Super Bowl Sunday, even) to replace the ignitor and get my house warmed up again. The main reason for this entry is to give him a plug.

If you ever need heating or cooling service in Central New Jersey, I’d recommend Advanced Air Co, Inc. at 1-800-933-9810.

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