Tough in Pink

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Merillville, Indiana school administrators are worried. There might be a gang problem. How do you identify gang members – they’re wearing PINK.

I guess they’ll have to ban West Side Story, too – in case the gang members need training in the art of dance-fighting.

Hat Tip – DailyPundit via Outside the Beltway

Bachelor for a Few Days

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My wife is off to a company training class in Orlando, FL. She flies out today, and back on Saturday.

That makes me a bachelor for a few days. But will I be doing anything exciting?

Nah. I’ll be staying home tonight and tomorrow, and going to see the Trenton Titans with my sister on Friday night.

I’m so boring.

Mistreated Reservist – Smash talks to his Congresswoman

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Citizen Smash took the opportunity to speak to his congresswoman about the plight of the National Guardsman that I previously mentioned here.

Smash is pushing for a change to the law to punish federal contractors who violate the law on re-hiring returning reservists by taking away their contracts. He cites the rule about letting ROTC on campus as a requirement for federal funding of universities.

I agree with his proposal. We have laws in this country that guarantee that returning reservists get their job back after protecting our country. The law needs teeth in order to prevent the abuses shown in the Seattle case cited.

Solar Energy Blog Updated

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My blog about the installation of solar panels on our house has been updated. Go take a look!

The Weekend

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The weekend is coming up. The weather is looking pretty good for here – temps around 60-70F with just a little rain overnight tonight and Sunday evening.

I’ll be doing the following:

  • Tonight – Trenton Titans vs. Greensboro Generals in Trenton.
    I have season tickets. The Titans pretty much have to win their remaining 5 games to make the playoffs.
  • Tomorrow – Flying Lesson.
    Probably my second supervised solo at Flying W (N14).
  • Sunday – chores and relaxation.

What are you doing this weekend? Answer in the Comments, or Trackback to your own site.

The Gangs of Boston

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Tyler, another blogger, posts his harrowing tale of being pummeled by union anti-Bush protesters at Bush’s speech in Boston last night. Read it and come back here – it’s a wild story but not unexpected.

I’m not much of a Bush supporter. In fact, this election is going to be a really tough choice for me. However, I hate unions even more. Only in a union can you be praised for not exceeding the average ability/work ethic/productivity. Only in a union can you make more money than your manager through overtime pay.

And clearly, Boston is no longer the seat of intellectual discourse that it was in the late 1700’s. The slogans used by the unionists seem to have come from the wall of the local junior high school Boy’s bathroom.

The price of democracy and freedom of speech …..

National Guardman Mis-treated by Employer after Release from Duty

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Phil Carter in his site INTEL DUMP carries a story of an Oregon National Guardsman who has been dismissed from his job after his return from Iraq, even though the Department of Labor and National Guard have recommended that he be retained. A labor complaint is pending.

Apparently, he suffers from post-traumatic disorder and nerve damage from his time in Iraq – neither of which stop him from doing his job screening visitors to a federal building in Seattle. He has been given a clean bill of health by Army doctors and psychiatrists. Now, his employer has terminated him for refusing to see THEIR psychiatrists.

This employer – Securitas – has a FEDERAL contract, and they are breaking FEDERAL laws. Does anybody else see a problem here?

Hat Tip: Citizen Smash

Happy Birthday, Color TV

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According to the Census Bureau, today is the birthday of Color Television. The first TV was only 12 inches diagonally and cost $1000 ($6,774 in today’s dollars). Apparently, there are only 25 or so of the original color TV left.

Amazon and Books

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Over on the right-hand side of the page, you will now see a list of books and an link.

Typepad allows it’s users to automatically link to when posting a list of books. They also allow us to use an Associates program ID to get credit when one of you clicks on the link and buys something.

As of yesterday, I am a participant in the Associates Program. I get a little commission when you click one of the links on this page and buy something from them (or in a few other circumstances).

So, if you were planning to buy a book (or anything else) from and you want to help me pay for this site, please consider coming here first and then clicking the link on the right. No pressure, and I probably won’t mention the program again. Thank you if you choose to do so.

NOTE:  This was on an older incarnation of this blog and no longer exists.

Comedy at the 9/11 Hearing

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Take a look at this post from (who else?) Wonkette.

At least they’re having a little fun.

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