The Easy Life

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Cats on Stairs

I’m working from home today, in order to be here for the township building inspectors who are checking out our new solar electric system. As a result, the cats get to stay upstairs all day rather than spending it in the luxury of the basement. (They have it nice in the basement – their own carpet, cat beds, litter box, food, etc.)

I think I want to be a cat when I’m reincarnated.

By the way, the steps are normal size – it’s the cats that are big.

Blogger’s House Burns Down

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Jay McCarthy writes about how his house burned down Sunday morning after being struck by lightning.

There was originally a movement to give him money, but in his latest post he tells us thanks, but he really doesn’t need it – he’s covered by insurance and already has an empty grandparent’s house to move to.

Blogging from your backyard while your house burns has to be a first!

Little Miss Hooters

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Sekimori has taken pictures of a Hooters in Florida that is holding a “Little Miss Hooters” contest. Stacy found this herself and took the pictures. She didn’t reveal the exact franchise involved.

Apparently, Stacy called them to ask about it. The contest is for girls age 5 and UNDER, who will be dressed in spandex orange shorts and a tied-up Hooters T-Shirt.

This is just depraved. Small children are NOT sex objects. Feel free to let Hooters know what you think at Hooters PR Department. I will be doing the same.

UPDATE: I got the following response:

Thank you for expressing your concern regarding the contest in Florida. A store manager decided to host an event for the employee’s children which is not a part of Hooters National Marketing promotions, and has been cancelled.

Best regards,

Alexis Aleshire
Hooters of America
1815 The Exchange
Atlanta, GA 30339

Talking Anti-Male Toilet

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I found this on Yahoo News today: Talking Toilet Orders Men to Sit Down

I can tell you this. This gadget will NEVER be installed in my home.

Fidelity and the Workplace

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I’m feeling a little down today. The main reason is that I heard a few things yesterday at work about co-workers that disturbed me.

Life at work has been stressful lately with reorganizations, layoffs, and a general lack of information below the highest levels on the direction that the company is headed. That has, of course, fired up the rumor mill. Rumors of what is happening with the company, who will be (and eventually was) laid-off and such are common and have been about 50% accurate.

What is worse are the rumors about who is fooling around with who at the company. We’ve had several high-profile rumors about that lately – the most prominent (and likely true) being between an Director and a Vice-President.

I’m generally a social liberal. However, I’m also a Myers-Briggs INFP. That means that I am very flexible with people until they cross an ethical or moral line that I hold dear – and then I become very resistant and judgmental. One of those lines for me is monogamy – I strongly believe that you should remain faithful to your spouse in marriage. If you’re getting separated or divorced, then you at least owe it to your spouse (or ex) and any kids to move out of the house before you start up with someone else. I’ve always felt this way, and I’ve even extended it to feeling that you should only date one person at a time.

The people involved in the latest rumors are people that I respect (used to respect?). I’ve respected them both for how easy they are to work with, for their business judgment and for their personal attitude. However, in both of the situations covered by the rumors the people in question are married and still living with their spouses. This seems to be a clear “cheating” scenario.

What I’m wrestling with is this – Can I stay on friendly terms with someone who has crossed an ethical line in their personal life? Can I trust someone at work if their spouse can’t trust them at home (or at work, for that matter)?

Any thoughts are welcome in the comments.

Solar Power Today!

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The last pieces of our solar electric system for our house are being were installed today. In about 2 hours, I should be I am now producing my own electricity!

See my project blog Smith Electric Company for more info and pictures!

Human Kindness

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Last week I took an Oracle class in Philadelphia. Between the getting up early to take the train and getting home late and STILL having to check e-mail at work, I haven’t had time to blog.

However, on Friday I saw something that re-affirmed my faith in Human Kindness.

The class got done early (yay!), so I took the 3:25 R7 Trenton train from Philadelphia’s Surburban Station. The next stop for the train is the Amtrak 30th Street Station. I got on the first car, which was fairly empty and stayed that way throughout the mid-afternoon trip.

A young woman got on the train the at 30th Street, and took a seat about 10 rows ahead of me. After pulling out from the station, the conductor came around asking for tickets. At this point, this young woman discovered that she’d left her purse on the platform. She became rather distraught. The conductor immediately went to radio the station to see if anyone found it. The woman was able to give a very precise location to search.

A few stations later, it appeared that the folks at 30th Street didn’t find the purse. The conductor gave her a train schedule and some suggestions on where to get off and take the train back the other way to check for herself. He also gave her the phone number for schedules and the phone number for the lost and found. He apparently gave her a free ride for this trip and the return trip to make sure that she got back.

She didn’t have her cell phone with her (also in the purse), so two businessmen lent her one for the ride. She called the SEPTA folks and then called someone to meet her in Trenton. (She apparently decided to continue to Trenton after hearing that the purse wasn’t found.) I think she may have even called to cancel the lost credit cards.

Another woman travelling on a weekly pass came up to her and gave her the pass (which was still good until Sunday – with the OK from the conductor to transfer the pass) so that she could get back to Philly without being stranded. An older man came up to make sure that she was taken care of.

I would have offered her money for train/cab fare, but it was easy to see that others got there first and she was well covered.

She got off the train in Trenton and disappeared. Her helpers all disappeared as they reached their stops.

One person in trouble, several people ready to help. All strangers.

Maybe mankind isn’t so bad after all.

USOC to Athletes – Hide Your Pride

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This report in the Washington Times states that the US Olympic Committee has told athletes NOT to wave the flag after their wins or during medal ceremonies.

This gets the big Raspberry from me. It’s one thing for an athlete to avoid confrontation, but it’s entirely another for a country to tell its athletes to hide their national pride. This instruction is improper and must be reversed (or ignored).

Tell ’em what you think:
US Olympic Committee 719-866-4500
Mike Moran 719-331-7266

(Hat Tip: Garrulitas)

Solar Energy; Out of Office

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All but one of the solar panels have been installed on our house. The remaining work on the outside will be completed on Monday – we expect the electrical work to be completed May 18 or some day that week. See the project site at Smith Electric Company.

I will be attending a training class in Philadelphia next week, so postings here will be few and far between.

Solar Installation in Progress

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The installation of solar panels on my roof has started. Physical installation will take most of the week. Electrical installation will be done the week of May 17, when the electrician is back from vacation. (The delay was caused by permit issuance delays in my township.)

Pictures and updates will be found at my project blog: Smith Electric Company

I’ll be updating all week and as the project continues.