RIP Edloe

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Last week, I was off the net for a week in a training class with no Internet access.  I’m finally getting caught up and I found THIS.

Edloe was nearly the headliner of Laurence’s 4-cat show.  I will miss him.

Tonight I go home and give treats to Albert and Isaac, and give them extra hugs.

We Are All Brits Today

July 7, 2005 by · 2 Comments
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Union Jack

The prayers and determination of my family (and undoubtedly most of the USA) go out to the people of the United Kingdom and especially to the victims and their families.

Hopefully, this event will wake up those who want to coddle the Islamic extremists who are perpetrating these atrocities.

Thanks to Bull Moose for reminding me to post this.

On-going updates at The Command Post.