Osmoprep and Colonoscopy

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In looking through my traffic, I’ve discovered a number of people reading this blog with a search string like “osmoprep how long to work”.

I’m not a doctor or pharmacist.  I’ve just used it once.  However, I found that it took longer to work than I expected and I confess that I actually went on the Internet to ask the same question during the prep.  So here’s my experience.

I did the prep version with 5 doses of 4 pills separated by 15 minutes each in the evening, and 3 doses of 4 pills 15 minutes apart four hours before my procedure.  I found to my surprise that I didn’t experience any bowel movements until minutes after the last evening dose.  I had spent an hour on the toilet waiting for the quick reaction that I remembered from other preps, but it just took a long time.  In fact, I had to log off the Internet and climb on the toilet when it started.  After that, the bowel movements were rather frequent and liquid for almost 2 hours, with a few more before bedtime.

In the morning, the movements didn’t start until the 3rd morning dose, and lasted about an hour and a half.  I felt like I could have more all the way up to the colonoscopy itself, though there were only a few after the hour and a half.

I hope that this provides a service to those who are using the prep, and I apologize to regular readers for the semi-disgusting post.


4 Comments on Osmoprep and Colonoscopy

  1. thechurchgeek on Fri, 1st Dec 2006 11:31 am
  2. Nice way to increase traffic to your blog! 😉

  3. Mark on Fri, 1st Dec 2006 11:35 am
  4. Now that’s not why I did it! 🙂

    Seriously – I had the same question these folks had. “Is it working?” I didn’t know until I was on the Internet checking and got the signal from my body “IT’S WORKING!”

  5. jimtnc on Tue, 24th Apr 2007 10:46 am
  6. Thanks for the incite. I’m having my first colonoscopy in the AM, so I have to go thru all that tonight.

    Nice to somewhat know what to expect, within generalities.

  7. Cheryl on Fri, 20th Mar 2015 3:01 am
  8. It’s 3:00 AM and I am supposed to report to the hospital in 3-1/2 hours for an 8:00 procedure. I took the pills from 6:00 – 7:00 PM last night and nothing has happened. Supposed to take the second round now, but am debating.

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