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This past Sunday during worship our Director of Children’s Ministries, Robyn Campbell, did the Children’s Message.  Her question to the kids was simple.  We had done Levi Sunday the previous week and the kids understood that we were doing good things for people.  The question that Robyn asked was “Why?”  She specifically told the kids not to answer now, not to answer in Sunday School, but to go home and talk to their parents about the question.

Later I bumped into Robyn while making copies for Confirmation Class.  She told me that her question was driven by something I’d written a week ago:

The youth know right from wrong and have a vague sense that it’s the Christian thing to do, but I believe they’d be hard-pressed to link their right actions to our beliefs.  We aim to fix that.

Wow.  I knew that a few folks from the church were reading my blog but I had no idea that Robyn was reading it.

First, HI ROBYN!

Second, thanks for the affirmation that my bloggy babbling is actually doing somebody somewhere some good.  This blog has been a way for me to get ideas out of my head and onto paper – a necessity for somebody like me who has trouble getting his brain to stop at times.  It’s also a way to connect with other people.  I’ve been blogging with a tiny hope that it’ll help someone somewhere someday.  I’m glad to see that it does.

The world truly is an interconnected web, and I’m often surprised at some of the connections.