A bunch of prayer requests

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We need a pile of prayers this week.

  • For my congregation, the Gernhardt family, and others who knew Ray Gernhardt.  He died suddenly last week.  The Gernhardt family are part of the backbone of the church.
  • For Carolyn’s family, who have experienced the 2nd death in the extended family in two weeks.  Bob who died last Friday also died suddenly.
  • For a youth in my church, who may be about to make a bad choice with his/her life.
  • For all who serve on church committees – that they may balance the contradictions of keeping information confidential vs. the congregation’s need to know, and controlling process vs. personal ego/power.

Thank you.

Prayer Request

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On of my fellow IT employees – based in Minnesota – had a heart attack on the flight home today.  He was defibrillated three times by a doctor on board.

UPDATE:  He passed away at the hospital.  He leaves a wife and 4 children aged toddler to high school.

Prayers are requested for the family and for my co-workers (some of whom are a mess at the moment).

I was in two meetings with him yesterday.

Prayer Request Update 3

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Here’s another update:

Just wanted to ask for continued prayers for JP and his family. He’s still in ICU (2 weeks now) and he has a chest tube in because of some fluid they’re having a hard time draining. Despite my earlier post, apparently they still aren’t sure what’s going on. They’ve ruled out pneumonia and pancreatitis and still looking for exactly what the deal is.

Apparently his wife is having a rough time, understandably. Don’t forget that in addition to JP’s health issues, they also have four kids at home, including a newborn, so keep those prayers coming!

Prayer Request Update 2

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Here’s the latest on JP:

We can tell JP is recovering because his sarcasm has returned.  After they took him off the ventilator, he spent a few days with an oxygen mask, but yesterday that was off, too, and we could finally understand him. It’s possible that he could be out of the ICU and into a regular room within a couple of days.

I’m still mystified as to how he got so sick. I’m speculating now, but it’s possible that he developed sepsis as a result of the pneumonia infection, which led to decreased functioning of his kidneys, liver, and pancreas. That’s all getting better, but he can’t have solid food until his organs are capable of processing everything.

In the meantime, his new daughter was born Tuesday the 27th and is already home with her brother and sisters.

Prayer Request Update

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JP is apparently doing much better.  He is responding to treatment and they expect to wean him off the respirator and sedation in the next few days.

Continued prayers are requested, and thanks for prayers received.

Prayer Request

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Please pray for JP, a former camp co-worker of mine from 20 years ago.  He’s been hospitalized with breathing difficulty and is not responding to antibiotics (for suspected pneumonia).  His wife is expecting their 4th child on April 1.

UPDATE 3/23/07:

The doctors think it’s definitely pneumonia–a bad case–and today they took a fluid sample from his lungs to determine precisely what type. The test results should be back tomorrow, at which point they’ll be able to determine a more targeted, aggressive treatment than he has received so far.

He’s on a ventilator–apparently that’s SOP for pneumonia–and still sedated, because reportedly the conscious patients don’t enjoy the ventilator so much.

His wife is doing reasonably well and has the support of family.

Prayer Request

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Carolyn and I got a call about 10am this morning.  Her father took her mother to the ER at 1am for acute pain in her left side.  She’s on a morphine-like drip for the pain.  Tests have ruled a few things out, but they don’t have a diagnosis yet.

Prayers would be appreciated.

Friends in need

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I have a few friends in need.

These are folks that I know both in person and through the Internet.  Most of us live far enough apart that we don’t see each other often, but we do communicate just about every day (with lots of other people) online.

These folks are all going through some rough transitions in their lives.  I know what two of them are about, and in the third case I don’t even know what’s going on – just that this person needs prayers or good karma or something.

So, please pray for/think good thoughts about/send some good karma to my friends A, J and L.  (No, they don’t wear black suits and don’t work under a bridge in Brooklyn.)