We Are All Brits Today

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Union Jack

The prayers and determination of my family (and undoubtedly most of the USA) go out to the people of the United Kingdom and especially to the victims and their families.

Hopefully, this event will wake up those who want to coddle the Islamic extremists who are perpetrating these atrocities.

Thanks to Bull Moose for reminding me to post this.

On-going updates at The Command Post.

Anthrax – Here We Go Again

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Over three years ago, several Anthrax-tainted letters were handled at the Trenton Main Post Office in Hamilton, NJ.  That building was closed from October 18, 2001 until yesterday – March 14, 2005.  Trenton Times Story My mail was delivered from that building before it was closed (and may be again).  The building was fumigated and essentially gutted and rebuilt.  I still have mail in special baggies from the irradiation facility that was finally received in January, 2002.

The same day (March 14, 2005), anthrax was again detected at external mail processing facilities for the Pentagon.  Fox News Story

It’s time to be afraid of your mail again.  What may be scary here is that the mail was already irradiated, but the anthrax organism was found on filters at the plant.  Perhaps it was already-killed anthrax (I hope so), but you really don’t know.

My tips for being afraid of your mail:

  1. Keep all mail outside of your house until opened/discarded.
  2. Discard any mail that you don’t intend to open (advertising, etc).  This probably includes mail that doesn’t have a return address, or mail with a “suspicious” address (misspelled – handwriting doesn’t match return address).  Go ahead and recycle it – it’s probably clean.
  3. Open all mail outside of your house (perhaps on a porch or in the garage).
  4. If anything untoward falls out of the mail, DON’T GO BACK INSIDE.  Get someone to call 911 for you.  Try to stay where you stand, to avoid spreading whatever it is.  Don’t panic – most powdery substances in mail turn out to be hoaxes.  Back in the fall of 2001, my company (a direct mail company) had at least a dozen hoax envelopes containing salt, talcum powder, etc.
  5. Wash your hands it hot soapy water after opening ALL mail.

Good luck, and let’s hope it’s a false alarm.

FLYi Bomb Threat

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I was going through my traffic statistics, and I found someone searching on bombs at airports with today’s date.

I did some digging and found this:  FLYi bomb threat

It seems to be nothing, but it’s worth looking into.  Luckily, my wife flew home from her business trip yesterday.

Saudi Arabia – our enemy

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Today (at least it was announced today), US citizen contractor Paul Johnson Jr was beheaded by a group calling themselves “Al Qaeda in the Saudi Arabia”. (Story from Outside the Beltway)

It’s pretty clear to me now (and it always has been) that Saudi Arabia is NOT our ally. They’ve been funneling money to terrorists (Fox News article), and they seem incapable of asserting any control over terrorists in their own country.

Unless we see a crackdown on terrorism in Saudi Arabia itself, it’s time for action.


We need a list of oil and gas companies buying from Saudi Arabia, in order to boycott them. I’ve been seeing ads on CNN for months talking about the Saudi’s kingdom’s financing of multinational companies (apparently an attempt at “good” spin) – we should be boycotting them as well.

Military Action

After the hand-over of sovereignty to Iraq, it’s time for our military to execute a perfect turn to the south and carry out the invasion that the Saudis were so afraid of for the 90’s.

Also, it’s time to stop military aid to the Saudis – they’re not using it for anything other than joyrides in the desert for young members of the royal family.

President Bush – Time for Strong Action

Reports suggest that President Bush is personally close friends with members of the Saudi royal family. It’s time to set that aside and take strong action against a country that supports and finances terrorism. It’s a tough call – the British monarchy had to make the same decision against their German cousins at the beginning of the 20th century. However, that decision must be made. The guilty cannot hide behind their American friends.

I’m not worried about the loss of oil – it’s only 16% of US imports anyway. Besides, we’ll get it back later. If we survived the embargo in 1973, we can survive this.

A Church Bake Sale – Hamas Style

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In Gaza, Hamas has resorted to collecting donations at mosques in order to fund their armed terrorists. This is apparently because American pressure to freeze their bank accounts globally is working.

I wonder when people will start to realize that in some places, Islam cannot be separated from terrorism. I don’t mean to say that ALL of Islam is terrorist, but clearly in some places it works that way. This probably has parallels in some conservatives whites-only churches in the South of the US during the 50’s and 60’s.

This does seem rather Monty Python-esque, though.

Hat Tip: Command Post

Bomb in Atlanta Airport?

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WXIA (NBC-Atlanta) is reporting that a suspicious device was found in a men’s room at Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport. According to the article, a TSA representative in Washington called it “an explosive device”.

(Hat Tip: Command Post)

UPDATED: It appears that the bomb was a hand grenade with the pin pulled, attached to a mobile radio. It has been neutralized. This from the Atlanta Constitution.

Using Children as Bombs

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Israel stopped another suicide bomber today – a 16-year-old Palestinian boy who reportedly had diminished intelligence: Yahoo Article

This is just disgusting. We’ve reached the point where the Palestinians are using CHILDREN (and apparently disabled children at that) to kill Israeli and Palestinians civilians.

If there’s any question of why the United States tends to support Israel in their conflict with Palestine, this should answer the question. Remember Megan Kanka? Amber Alerts? Americans love our children. There is very little that matches the fury of the populace against those who hurt or kill children. In Megan’s case, the people of Hamilton, NJ (where I live) bought her killer’s house and tore it down – putting a park in its place.

There is no way the Palestinians are going to improve public opinion by using children to do their dirty work, while their leaders stay safe in their hiding places.

This is today’s submission for the Outside the Beltway Traffic Jam.

Israel and Yassin

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The other day, Israel killed the leader of Hamas – Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. They did it by destroying his car as he left a mosque in Gaza.

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Europe and the Middle East – mainly condemning Israel for the move. European leaders called it “unlawful”.

I beg to disagree.

Israel is in a war against terrorism. Yassin was the leader of a major terrorist group that has acknowledged responsibility for many terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. Therefore, in my mind, Israel is justified in killing the leader of the enemy.

Let’s make it simpler: Israel targets terrorists, and sometimes kills civilians in the process. Hamas (and other Palestinian terrorist groups) targets civilians. It’s that simple.

Israel is also partly responsible for the situation, and they really need to work to find a way to live together in the same place. However, that doesn’t make Israel wrong in this case.

Zeyad gets it in his comments on the Iraqi reaction.

Outside the Beltway got it right yesterday as well.

Add Citizen Smash to the list of people who get it.

Neptunus Lex REALLY gets it, and adds a story about his daughter’s reaction to 9/11 that you must read.