How to prepare for seminary?

November 15, 2010 by · 9 Comments
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I’m in an unusual situation.  Most people don’t apply to seminary until near the application deadlines.  (Princeton Seminary’s deadline is February 15, and most apply in January or February.)  I am ten months from starting the Fall Term next year (or eight months if I take advantage of the Summer Language program) and I’ve already been accepted and have confirmed my attendance and paid the deposit.  Most people are also already doing something before seminary, either school or work.  I’m not – I’m at the end of a period of unemployment and I have a very-part-time business.  So I’m in the rare situation of having a lot of time before seminary starts and a lot of free time (whether I like it or not).

So I come to you, particularly those of you who have graduated from a seminary or are attending one now.

What would you do to get ready if you had a lot of time to do so?  What would you read?  What activities would you undertake?

There are a few required activities that I will be undertaking related to both seminary and the PC(USA) Inquirer process.  I will be scheduling the required Career Counseling (ie. psych eval) soon.  And I have to work on getting my NJ state-required vaccinations.  But that’s about all I’ve come up with.

Help me out, either with comments here or on Facebook or twitter.  Thanks!