Cat Health Update

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The cats went to the vet for their annual visit yesterday.

Albert lost a pound, and is otherwise healthy.

Isaac found the missing pound, but is still not too heavy.  He is also apparently suffering from some arthritis.  We’ve been treating that by giving both of them Cosequin with their food.  Now we’re going to try a very low dose of anti-inflammatory for Isaac to see if it helps with his stiffness.  He still runs around like a maniac, but I can see him clearly thinking about whether or not to jump up on to my lap, the bed, etc.
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Both had urine and blood drawn and we’ll hear in a few days about that.  Not expecting anything, but both have occasionally shown kidney numbers that are slightly elevated at times.

Rabies shots for all, which has made them sleepy (not that we can tell).

Animal Health Report

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Last night Albert and Isaac (12-year-old cats) went to the vet for their annual checkup.

Isaac lost 1/3 of a pound.  He is generally healthy, and the vet considers his weight to be pretty good.  Last fall we found a lump on his back leg that the vet tested at that time and determined to be a fatty tumor and not worth worrying about unless it gets bigger.  This time we had him check a lump on his front leg.  It was biopsied and we should get the results either today or around the 28th (the vet is going on vacation).

Albert found the 1/3 pound that Isaac lost.  He is also generally healthy, and the vet considers his weight to be about right.  The cats now weigh exactly the same; at one point Isaac weighed 3 pounds more than Albert.  Albert has some gingivitis.
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The dentist has suggested another tooth cleaning for both cats.  This is a procedure that requires heavy sedation.  The last time, Albert’s blood work showed possible kidney problems (that cleared up on their own) so he got gas while Isaac got an injected drug.  Albert came home annoyed but completely normal.  Isaac was a psychotic kitty for 24 hours;  he’d hiss at us and Albert for no apparent reason and then purr 10 seconds later.  We had to keep Isaac in bed with us – a rather sleepless night.  The doctor promises that this time he’ll use a different drug that should provoke fewer reactions.

We’ll hear about the blood work and biopsy the week of the 28th.  The blood test results are only good for 2.5 weeks for surgery (the dental work), so we’ll have to make a quick decision.  We’re also waiting to hear about Isaac’s lump.

Random Bullets from my head

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My life has been … not so much turbulent as full of changes at my periphery and disquiet in my mind.  Here are some random thoughts:

  • Today is the last day at my company of the woman who sits across the aisle from me.  She started with the company about 3 months before I did back in 1993.  For the last almost-year we’ve sat across from each other and been very happy (we both like quiet, we enjoy each other’s company).  I’m really gonna miss seeing a beautiful, intelligent, and friendly face every day.
  • Also at work:  the CIO has realized that morale within the IT group is not particularly good.  We’ve had four voluntary departures in the last month (out of a group that was about 45 people).  He’s holding lunch meetings with a smattering of people in each (everybody goes to one of them) to talk about issues.  I took the initiative to meet with him this past Monday.  I scheduled the meeting for an hour and his questions drew my list of issues out to an hour and 45 minutes.  It was a good session and minor happenings since show that he listened to what I said.  The problem is that many of my issues are outside of his direct control – they are company-wide.
  • Between what is happening with my church work (on an upswing) and what is going on at work (on a downswing), I’m wondering if I’m in the right career.  That’s right – not just right job but right career.  Any assistance for someone undergoing a mid-life career discernment questioning period would be appreciated – leave a comment or use the e-mail link at left.
  • This weekend I should be going flying for the first time since the end of March.  My blood pressure broke free of control back then – my doctor changed my dosage and I’m now stable again.  Actually I’ve been stable since early May, but I’ve been too busy to fly.
  • Also this weekend I’m a bachelor.  Carolyn is headed up north to go to a garden show with her parents.  She’ll stay overnight Saturday and come home on Sunday.  My bachelor amusements will include lawn-cutting, bill-paying, and laundry.
  • Sunday at church we have the Annual Congregational Meeting.  This includes the usual reports and election of officers.  I’m not on the program (either giving a report or being elected), so I will probably attend.  If it’s too hot (and it’s looking that way) I might just grab a copy of the annual report and check out if they have a quorum.  You see, our church isn’t air conditioned ….
  • I’m waiting for Verizon to finish installing FIOS in the neighborhood.  They ran the underground conduits 2 weeks ago.  So far the box in the ground had nothing in it but mud (or high water when it rains – I don’t know if they’ll actually be able to use the box).  I’m looking forward to getting FIOS Internet service and dumping Cablevision completely.  I might get FIOS TV as well (it’s available in my town) but I’ll have to see how it stacks up against DirecTV.  I’d like to keep my HD Tivo, but DirecTV is switching technology for HD programming and a Tivo will not be an option soon.  I can do a Tivo Series 3 with FIOS, but I lose video on demand and pay per view.  Decisions, decisions.
  • The cats are fine, but increasingly geriatric at age 11.  Sometimes they still run around like maniacs but those episodes are few and far between.

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Have a good weekend!

Black Cat Trivia

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Did you know ……

Albert's Face

…. that black cats are the only cats ….

Cat Nose

…. with black noses ….

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…. and black whiskers (though they get white with age)?  In case you were wondering ….

Cat Tongue

…. they still have pink tongues.

(Thank you, Albert and Isaac, for serving as illustrations).

It’s Not Me – I Love Cats

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I just want to make it clear to everybody, I’m not THAT Mark Smith.

Mark Smith, a firefighter from LaCrosse, WI, is trying to legalize cat-hunting.  That’s right – hunting Fluffy!  (Yahoo News Article)

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The opposition has created the Don’t Shoot The Cat website.  I’ll be signing the petition there now.

A quick life update

September 23, 2004 by · 2 Comments
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I haven’t blogged for a while, so here’s a quick life update.

Flying – I am still at it. I am probably within a month of getting my pilot license – maybe less if the weather cooperates. I have to do another lesson or two to prepare for the test. After that I have to take a “mock” checkride with another instructor from the club. After that – the big day. I already know who the examiner will be – he’s a pilot for Continental so I’ll probably need to take a vacation day for that as his schedule can be wacky.

Solar Panels – still cooking. With the cooler temparatures and sunny days this week, we are pumping (selling) lots of power back into the grid. Be sure to go to Smith Electric Company for pictures and stories of the installation. I’ll update that blog as soon as I have news.

Hockey – Hockey is almost here again. The NHL is on strike, but my Trenton Titans (ECHL) are still playing. I’ll be attending a game on October 11 between the Titans and their AHL affiliates the Philadelphia Phantoms. Since I’m such a good husband, I give my wife an opera or two every year to offset the 30 or so hockey games that she goes to. Unfortunately for me, the local company is performing their fall presentation on October 22, the same night as the Titans’ opening game. I’ll have another two weeks to wait for the next home game!
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My Wife’s Job – She’s settling in. She still has to finish out her old Black Belt work, and she has one new person frustrating her on two projects. However, she’s coming home a little less frazzled every day. I think that’s a good sign. She’s been on vacation without me all week – tomorrow I’ll be home too.

Cats – they’re fine. They’ve enjoyed having my wife home all day this week. They are starting to get snuggly again now that the temparatures are beginning to drop. Still shedding a lot, though.

That’s the roundup!

It’s Raining Cats

June 2, 2004 by · 1 Comment
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Laurence of This Blog is Full of Crap posts a story about a cat boarded up in a floor accidentally. I had something similar happen to me once ….

About a year or so ago, some friends asked my wife and I to baby-sit their cats while they were travelling. They were putting out food, so this mainly involved showing up and playing with them and petting them every other day or so.

The house was under renovation. They were replacing the plaster over lathe walls with wallboard, and moving some things around, including wiring. As a result, there were holes in the plaster walls in a number of places.

We showed up and found all 3 cats. We pet and played with them and were getting ready to leave, when we noticed that we were short a cat! We lost our friend’s cat!

We searched upstairs. We searched downstairs. Finally, we decided to use the usual ruse – sit very quietly in the living room until the cats came to be sure that we were gone. We sat. Cat #1 appeared and joined us. Cat #2 appeared and joined us.

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We trooped upstairs, and determined that we could get to him through a crawlspace. This was a VERY old house – the space between floors was almost a foot. We reached in but failed to grab him, and he crawled back into the pipes and wires.

We ended up going back downstairs and I stood on a chair. We again got very quiet. He poked his head out of the hole, but we didn’t move. He reached down to the next hole in the wall and jumped to the nearby shelf. We grabbed him and put him down.

After looking around for a while, we determined that we couldn’t patch ALL of the holes, so we gave up. He probably continued going in and out of the wall all week.

When my friends returned, we told them the story and they got a chuckle. They said not to be upset – he’d been doing that for weeks!

The Easy Life

May 25, 2004 by · 1 Comment
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Cats on Stairs

I’m working from home today, in order to be here for the township building inspectors who are checking out our new solar electric system. As a result, the cats get to stay upstairs all day rather than spending it in the luxury of the basement. (They have it nice in the basement – their own carpet, cat beds, litter box, food, etc.)

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By the way, the steps are normal size – it’s the cats that are big.

Today’s Accomplishments

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Once in a while, you have to pat yourself on the back for the little things.

1. Spoke to solar panel installer about revised schedule (more info at Smith Electric Company). Re-arranged vacation schedule at work on short notice.
2. Located 14-year-old bug in the billing system that just showed up this month. This was a tricky one.
3. Managed not to annoy wife who got to stay home today when I got up and dressed this morning.
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5. Offered advice to another IT group on a joint project.

All in all, a quiet day. Any day without discord is a gift.