Monty Python and Star Trek

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I love Star Trek.  I love Monty Python (my first date with my wife was to see “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” on campus).

This is great.
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What Kind of Dog Are You?

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A new British Comedy “Gone to the Dogs” has created a website for the program.  Included in the site is a game where a realistic Currently, two-way radios are used over here viagra in india widely across all businesses and industries for an efficient management of operations. This medication keeps working for many hours such as 4 generic cialis overnight – 6 hours. Several points which the doctor would keep in mind before suggesting you the pill is that, weather you have faced any recent surgeries or you are going to undergo any of them in recent times, several other prescription medications such as generico levitra on line have been introduced onto the market. The medical experimentation and the successive advice can help you out in raising your sex drive generic levitra 10mg and enjoy it for long. 60’s-era computer simulation asks you 10 questions, and then determines the breed of dog that you would be.

I came up “Picardy Shepherd” – a French sheepdog.

DirecTV and Tivo – did I make a mistake?

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Two months ago, I plopped down $1000 for a DirecTV HD Tivo box.  It’s a box that allows me to record 2 programs while watching a recorded program (or watch one and record one) from DirecTV or OTA (Over the Air – broadcast locals) digital source.

Yesterday, DirecTV made several announcements at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  What they amount to is this:

  1. DirecTV is releasing their own DVR (digital video recorder), based on NDS technology and uCentric technology.  This is expected to be similar to what SkyTV has released in Europe – Fox owns SkyTV and DirecTV.  There are not likely going to be any new Tivo boxes from DirecTV.
  2. DirecTV is going to use new satellites and new technology for their HD local channels and a supposed 150 HD channels.  They will be available starting in 6 months after the new satellites launch.  However, these satellites will be using MPEG-4 encoding and a new modulation technique.  That means that ALL existing DirecTV receivers will be unable to view those channels.  DirecTV promises to “convert” all existing HD customers – whatever that means.
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So, the question is – what does that mean to me?  Do I now own a $1000 brick?

Misha tries to answer the question in this blog entry.

Personally, I think I blew it with my purchase.

Dead Pool 2005

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Laurence Simon is running the Dead Pool again for 2005.  In order to participate, you have to have a blog (or be willing to make a small contribution) and select 15 identifiable people (not your neighbor – someone whose death will show up in the news) who you think/hope will die in 2005.  The year boundary is marked by the ball in Times Square.

It’s a little late to announce this, but if you can get your list together in the next 34 hours, you can enter by following the instructions at:  Dead Pool
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I have made my picks, and will be announcing them in a delayed post to be shown on January 1.

Blockbuster Eliminating Late Fees

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Blockbuster has announced that they are eliminating late fees as of January 1, 2005.  (AP)

Basically, you are supposed to return the movie in 2 days (new releases) or one week.  However, they will now give you an additional week to return it without fees.  If you keep it beyond then, you’ve bought it – although they will allow you to return it within 30 days after paying a “restocking fee”.

This is being done to combat Netflix’s business model.  With Netflix, you pay $18/month and are allowed to have up to 3 movies in your hands at any given time.  Return a movie and get the next one.  All via free First Class Mail.

Personally, I think the Blockbuster idea will fail.  They’ve essentially changed the rules from 2 days or a week to 9 days or 2 weeks.  That means that they’ll have to carry more copies of new releases, at a greater cost to dispose of them later.
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I have one other issue with Blockbuster – widescreen.  I have a widescreen TV.  About 1/2 of the DVD’s being released come in separate versions for standard vs. widescreen.  My local Blockbuster orders primarily standard versions, with a few widescreen copies that are rarely in the store.  Given the choice between standard and nothing, I generally choose nothing (or perhaps another movie).

And then there’s our experience from a few weeks’ back.  We went in on a Saturday to rent.  When we reached the counter, we were informed that the computers were down and we couldn’t pay.  We would be able to pay when we returned the movie.  OK – we went home, watched the movie, and my wife went back Sunday morning.  The computers still were down, so we could return the movie but would have to make a special trip to pay later.  She had to come back later in the week and pay – an extra trip for no reason.  If they had decent customer service, they would have given us the rental for free when they were unable to charge us at return time.

Now that I have a high definition Tivo hooked up – I’ll be recording new movies in HD from HBO or Showtime and watching them in better quality than the Blockbuster DVD’s anyway.  For no extra charge.

NBC News Fake Hijacking

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This story talks about NBC News’ attempt to fake a hijacking of a helicopter in St. Louis in order to back a sensationalist story for the news:

Aero-News Alert: Non-Aviation Media Trying To Discredit GA Thu, 12 Aug ’04

American Association of Airport Executives issues alert, reports NBC trying to set up GA facilities and FBO’s Rebecca Morrison, Staff Vice President, Transportation Security Policy Department at the American Association of Airport Executives, has transmitted the following memo and requested widest possible distribution:

The following is a description of an incident that occurred today (11 Aug) at the St. Louis Downtown Airport, a large GA facility. We are sharing this story with you as there are indications that it might be repeated throughout the country. We would like to thank Bob McDaniel, the Director at the St. Louis Downtown Airport, for sharing the details of the incident outlined below.

Earlier today two Middle Eastern men attempted to penetrate our security. They telephoned one of my helicopter FBOs and asked about a charter flight. After discussion of price and directions to the business, they arrived an hour later. When the office agent asked how they were going to pay for the flight they produced cash. When asked for ID, they produced driver’s licenses from two different states and they were driving a car licensed in a third state.

Things didn’t smell right so the mechanic took them into the hangar to see the aircraft while the office person called the FBI and local police. The helicopter they were going to fly was blocked in by other aircraft so the mechanic was able to stall them by having to slowly shuffle the blocking planes. Meanwhile the two men got their backpacks and odd-shaped luggage out of their car. Soon the local police arrived and they were hauled off to jail in handcuffs.

After a little time behind bars, the FBI verified that the two men were employed by NBC New York and were on assignment to get a story of how easy it is to charter a helicopter for a terrorist attack. The men had stayed in a local hotel and purchased box cutters, leather-man knives, and other potential weapons at the local Wal-Mart using a credit card. The box cutters had been hidden in the lining at the bottom of the back packs and the other weapons were hidden throughout their baggage. They had audiotaped the telephone conversation with Arlene and were going to use it as part of a national news story about how easy it is to get information and directions to the location of the helicopter and then hijack it to commit a terrorist attack.

I doubt they will be back at our airport soon and this is a story that will never be seen since they were caught. A very “well-done” to my FBO and staff and the local FBI and police response forces. We have since learned that we were the first airport where this had been attempted and NBC planned to attempt similar penetration stories around the country. Please help me spread the word to other airports.

AOPA’s annoyed: [Ed Note: Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association – I’m a member.]

Proof AOPA Airport Watch concepts work

Here’s the proof that GA airports really are small communities and that the “residents” know when something is amiss. Yesterday, alert folks at a general aviation airport contacted authorities who nabbed two suspicious characters before they could cause trouble.

“This incident demonstrates the validity of the Airport Watch concept,” said AOPA President Phil Boyer. “Vigilant pilots and airport workers make the best security force because they know who does and doesn’t belong at the airport. They can easily spot the things that just don’t seem right.”

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The story begins as a man telephones an FBO at St. Louis Downtown Airport (CPS), not far from the Gateway Arch, and asks about chartering a helicopter. About an hour later, two men of Middle Eastern appearance walk into the FBO, pull out cash to pay for the flight, and present driver’s licenses from two different states as ID. Office staff notices their car is registered in a third state.

“Things just didn’t smell right,” said St. Louis Downtown Airport Director Bob McDaniel, “so the mechanic took them into the hangar to see the aircraft, while the office person called the FBI and local police.”

(Airport Watch guidance says to call local police or the FBI if you suspect an immediate threat to life or property.)

The helicopter was blocked by other aircraft, and the mechanic used that as an excuse to stall the two suspects, who began unloading backpacks and odd-shaped luggage from their car.

Local police arrived shortly and hauled the suspects off to jail in handcuffs. Police discovered box cutters and other potential weapons hidden in the bags.

And now (with apologies to Paul Harvey), the rest of the story.

After a little time behind bars, the two “terrorists” confessed that they were NBC employees from New York. Their assignment: A story on how “easy” it was to get information and directions to a helicopter and then hijack it. St. Louis was their first attempt; the network reportedly planned similar tries to penetrate security at airports around the country.

“Kudos to the folks in St. Louis for using the Airport Watch concept to thwart this ‘terrorist’ attempt,” said Boyer. “Praise, too, to the local police for responding quickly and appropriately.

“And to NBC, we challenge you to put this story on the air, as you have done so many anti-GA security references. But somehow, I don’t think we’ll see it leading Nightly News.”

I’m a student pilot – about a month or two from completing my training and receiving a Private Pilot license. This kind of stuff really bugs me.

Since 9/11, General Aviation (essentially, non-military and non-airline pilots) has been subjected to restriction after restriction. And for no good reason! The planes that I fly (Piper Warrior) have the load-bearing capacity of a Yugo with less space to do it in. With full fuel tanks, I can only carry about 600-700 pounds, and that includes ME! The Department of Energy has done studies, and a fully loaded General Aviation plane would be unable to breach the containment vessel of a nuclear power plant.

In the fall of 2001 (if I remember completely), a suicidal teenager crashed his Cessna into a tall building in Tampa, FL. It broke windows, and damaged two or three offices. It did not start a big fire. It did not destroy the building. An exploding microwave inside the office would have done more damage.

It’s time for the government to stop picking on the little guys, and concentrate on the big guys. At the little airport that I fly out of, nobody’s getting near a plane without being identified. New people (like me on my first day) are stopped and spoken to as soon as they are spotted. The merely curious are given rides or intro lessons – as we have seen above the real terrorists are arrested.

And SHAME ON NBC for wasting law enforcement resources by trying this stunt. They have enough to do already!

Adoption Game Show

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ABC’s 20/20 television show is scheduled to air a program on Friday showing 5 couples competing to adopt a baby born to a 16-year-old pregnant high school student.

This is just vile and disgusting. ABC has passed FOX as the most depraved TV network. A CHILD is NOT a PRIZE! Reality shows in general are pretty poor (in my opinion), but this has to take the cake.

What’s next – a contest to get the 16-year-old pregnant in the first place?
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Here we have more proof that Disney has fallen far, and fallen fast.

(Hat Tip: A Small Victory)

Spirit of America Challenge

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Spirit of America Needs You

It appears that I jumped the gun the other day, but the challenge is now open. Give, Give, Give!
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Also, if you give more than $10 and send an e-mail to Michele at A Small Victory, she will put up a post in your honor.

Give ’till it hurts, or at least until it stings a little.

Victory Coalition for Spirit of America Project

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This little-bitty blog is participating in the Victory Coalition to raise money for Spirit of America‘s project to raise money for small projects started by US military soldiers/sailors to help rebuild Iraq. One major project is designed to create 7 TV stations in the area around Fallujah to show more balanced TV reporting than Al Jazeera.

Go HERE to donate today!

These sites are part of the Victory Coalition:
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Remember, go HERE NOW to donate! The first thing I’m gonna do after hitting Save is to hit that link and make my own donation.

Electric Company Archive

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Today’s site is the Electric Company Archive.

They’ve got a dozen or so videos, and LOTS of MP3’s from the Electric Company.
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I’m slightly too old to have been the target audience, but courtesy of my younger brother and sister I saw A TON of this program in the early 70’s. It was designed to be the Sesame Street for a slightly older crowd – the kids starting to read and do math.

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