Black Cat Trivia

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Did you know ……

Albert's Face

…. that black cats are the only cats ….

Cat Nose

…. with black noses ….

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…. and black whiskers (though they get white with age)?  In case you were wondering ….

Cat Tongue

…. they still have pink tongues.

(Thank you, Albert and Isaac, for serving as illustrations).

Osmoprep and Colonoscopy

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In looking through my traffic, I’ve discovered a number of people reading this blog with a search string like “osmoprep how long to work”.

I’m not a doctor or pharmacist.  I’ve just used it once.  However, I found that it took longer to work than I expected and I confess that I actually went on the Internet to ask the same question during the prep.  So here’s my experience.

I did the prep version with 5 doses of 4 pills separated by 15 minutes each in the evening, and 3 doses of 4 pills 15 minutes apart four hours before my procedure.  I found to my surprise that I didn’t experience any bowel movements until minutes after the last evening dose.  I had spent an hour on the toilet waiting for the quick reaction that I remembered from other preps, but it just took a long time.  In fact, I had to log off the Internet and climb on the toilet when it started.  After that, the bowel movements were rather frequent and liquid for almost 2 hours, with a few more before bedtime.
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In the morning, the movements didn’t start until the 3rd morning dose, and lasted about an hour and a half.  I felt like I could have more all the way up to the colonoscopy itself, though there were only a few after the hour and a half.

I hope that this provides a service to those who are using the prep, and I apologize to regular readers for the semi-disgusting post.

Back to the Old Days

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Yesterday … North Korea successfully tested a nuclear weapon. (CNN Article)

Duck and Cover

For years and years, Americans grew up knowing that their world could end at any moment, ended by a nuclear war.  From the 1940’s and 1950’s through 1989, Russia and China were the nuclear enemies.

In 1989, the Berlin Wall came down.  This was the end of communism in Europe, and later in the Soviet Union (now called Russia, for the most part).  In 1994, Russia announced that their nuclear weapons were no longer sitting on the pad pre-aimed at the United States.  The nuclear sword of Damocles that had hung over our heads since birth was no longer a threat.
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Today, Russia is fairly stable and a sometimes-ally of the United States.  China is a major trading partner with the US and currently not considered a direct threat (though their industrialization shows that this may change in the future).  The other nuclear powers (United Kingdom, France, Israel, India, Pakistan) are not considered to be threats to the United States.  With today’s test, North Korea is the first nation considered an enemy of the United States to have nuclear weapons.  The Sword is back.

I feel most for those born after the early 1980’s.  These kids and young adults were born without the fear of imminent nuclear annihilation.  The rest of us “knew” that at any moment, somebody might do something somewhere and that the result would be a bright flash and then whatever your religious beliefs say happens.  These youngsters are dealing with it for the first time.

Don’t worry – life goes on.  You just have to assume that today is not that day.


The Time Traveler Convention

May 7, 2005, 10:00pm EDT (08 May 2005 02:00:00 UTC)

East Campus Courtyard, MIT

42:21:36.025°N, 71:05:16.332°W

(42.360007,-071.087870 in decimal degrees)

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Please note that the date is in reference to the Gregorian Calendar in use at the host time.

I’m posting this here, as I believe that my blog will become so popular that transcripts should be available well into the future!

Lose Weight Fast – Tumor Removal

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In Cincinnati, a woman has lost over 80 pounds – 66 of them from a single tumor.  (local news article)

As strange as it sounds, I believe it.  My wife had a large cantaloupe-sized ovarian tumor removed Dosage should be restricted to that which is prescribed by the doctors and it continues to occupy highest priority space in generic viagra pills the lives of male customers. This is mainly attributed price tadalafil tablets to the lower dosage. Moreover, a physical therapist also provides the possible care for people through a variety of settings in the various hospitals, clinics, private practices of medical health buy viagra online in care, outpatient, home health agencies even in school, sporting competitions and fitness facilities. Massage assists cialis 5mg generika in building healthy and productive lifestyle naturally. when she was in her mid-20’s.  The gynecologist initially thought that she was pregnant (alarming enough), then the ultrasound revealed this.  She had it harder – back then the recovery was several months on the couch.