Camp Johnsonburg from the Air

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Yesterday, I decided to put two of my interests together.

In the mid-1980’s I was a camper and staff member (counselor) at the Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center (formerly known as the Presbyterian Camps and Conferences at Johnsonburg, NJ).  I will write more about this summer camp later, but this is truly a special part of the universe – one of two places in my life where I’ve felt totally accepted.

I’m also a pilot.  So, why not take a picture from the air?

My solo flight departed South Jersey Regional Airport in Mount Holly, NJ (KVAY).  I flew the club’s Cherokee 180 to Blairstown Airport (1N7) and landed so that my time would count as a cross-country flight.  I then departed to find the camp.

Here’s the picture that I finally got:

Camp Johnsonburg from the air
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This is cropped from this picture:

Camp Johnsonburg from the air full size

This was a really hard picture to take.  For one thing, the camp is two meadows and a pond surrounded by trees, in a landscape full of ponds and trees.  Luckily, my GPS had Glover’s Pond labelled and it was easy to find on GPS.

Then I had to contend with flying the plane with my left hand and feet, while holding the camera in my right hand taking pictures – all in very light turbulence.  Aiming the shot was approximate.  I took 3 shots – the camp was partially over the nose in one, missing in the 2nd, and this was the 3rd.

Maybe someday I’ll go with another pilot and use a Cessna 172 – so that we can make a side pass in a high-wing plane and I can take the shot out the side window.  For now, this will have to do.

My Wife has a New Job – Sort Of

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Back in February, I asked you for help in finding my wife a new job.

On Friday, she accepted a new job with her current employer.  This job is a Project Engineer job – similar to the work that she was doing 3 years ago before being promoted to Manager.  It’s a step back – she’s going down a grade level and will be at the top of her grade rather than at the bottom of the higher grade, affecting future raises.  On the other hand, it stops the “out of work” clock.

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And thanks to all who did help.