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  1. Erin on Mon, 12th Jan 2015 10:44 pm
  2. Apparently these are done by people under the age of 35 being gimmicky and thinking that they are being clever. Horribly insensitive. DON’T THEY EVER RUN THESE THINGS BY ANYONE?

    Louisville is the biggest bubble around. Geez. Get some advisors of different ages from around the country and have them weigh in. I am a former advertising executive (before become a pastor) and this ad (especially the HIGH one) wouldn’t have made it past the brainstorming session. And I would have given them an education on why it is so misdirected.

    Lord. Get a grip, people. Tell stories. Make it meaningful and share how our offerings have changed lives–the people/programs who are given to, and the people who give. Use eye catching graphics if you want. It’s not difficult.

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