A Great Sunday, part 2

January 28, 2008 by
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PCOL Youth at Devils game

On Sunday afternoon, I treated the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville Sr. High Youth Group to a suite watching the Trenton Devils vs. Wheeling Nailers.

I get a free suite for a game once a year as part of my season ticket package, and I decided to use it for the youth.

The group numbered 21 including my wife and I and included regulars and some youth who don’t attend often.  The afternoon was fun but theologically ambiguous – when the mascot comes to your suite is it OK for Presbyterians to yell “The Devil is here!  The Devil is here!” and then run TO the devil?

Unfortunately the team lost the game, though we got to see every possible second of hockey.  It took the 6th round of the shootout to decide the contest 6-5 for Wheeling.
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We got away with no lost youth and only one minor injury.  Here’s a safety tip – if you are sitting directly below the TV mounted on the wall, be careful when you jump up to celebrate!  We’re hoping some of the non-regular youth will participate in future activities such as the lock-in in two weeks.

We have got to do this again next year.

The best part of the whole evening was having the seminary student get his picture taken with the Devil.  We’re planning to send it to his CPM.  (for the non-Presbys – the committee in charge of his development as a candidate for ministry)

Check back in a day or two for the picture.


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