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September 6, 2007 by
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Sometimes, you go to church on Sunday and hear the sermon that you needed to hear, on the day that you needed to hear it.

That happened to me two weeks ago.  Our new Associate Pastor, Mary Alice Lyman, preached a sermon called Where the Heart Is.

One quote:

Religion should incorporate principles, not constrictive rules and regulations.  Many people, in the time of Jesus, were committed to God, but they failed in how to maintain the commitment.  Many people, now, are committed to God, but we fail in how this commitment is maintained.  I think commitment to God is determined by many factors but one that I feel is key is the renewal of the human heart.  And the
renewal of the human heart is something that comes from inside us. Social reforms or education cannot renew the heart.  Armed conflict cannot enact it.  Initially, it is the human mind that makes the
decision to accept Christ; but it is the heart that will make the decision to follow Christ to the end of one’s life.

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Our religion should not kill our compassion.  When people are in need and love is called upon we should act with a human heart.  God prefers love to law, and hearts over habits.  Our first priority should be our
devotion to God not the fear getting in trouble for breaking Sabbath law.  We should be living from the heart and not under the constraintsof habit.  If our religion is standing in the way of doing a good deed
then it might be time to examine our beliefs.  They might be killing our compassion.

In her verbal delivery (but not in the written sermon), she actually said that she’s worried that this is exactly the problem that the Presbyterian Church faces.  Sound familiar?

Side note:  The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville has a new website at pclawrenceville.org  It’s pretty nice.


2 Comments on What I needed to hear

  1. Rev Kim on Thu, 6th Sep 2007 5:25 pm
  2. Great quote.

    When I was at PTS I enjoyed worshipping at Lawrenceville occasionally and one of my best friends interned there. Of course, on Sundays when I wasn’t an intern myself I was usually sleeping as late as I could, which meant walking to the Presbyterian church five minutes from campus.

  3. Jon on Sun, 9th Sep 2007 10:30 pm
  4. That is an awesome website. WPC doesn’t have one yet, and I am thinking we’ll do something with googlepages rather than get in too far over our heads.

    Glad the sermon spoke to you. It’s amazing to me how often a few angry voices can throw our trust in the church.

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