The Church and Stewardship II

September 18, 2006 by
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Yesterday, the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville held it’s Ark Sunday.

The sermon touched on stewardship and giving of your time and money.  Unfortunately, the pastor used actual numbers in his sermon, referencing the “person making $100,000 who gives only $50 per week”.  Any time the pastor starts talking about hard numbers in a sermon he’s certain to annoy people.  I’m a bit irked by that remark myself.  My wife and I have decided that our goal is to tithe to charity as a whole, and that donations to the church are a part of that.  So are donations to the church camp, American Diabetes Association, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, etc.  And let’s not forget that we are giving to TWO churches since she is Catholic and a regular attender at her parish.  But enough about tithing.

After the service, we were all invited to cross over to the Ark.  Fellowship Hall was decorated like an ark, with “stalls” for each of the 5-6 church mission area (Youth, Adult Education, Mission, Music and Worship, and two others I can’t remember) to present their information.  The stalls also had snack food at each.  Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and lots of salads and fixings were served.  There was a Bounce House (inflatable bounce thing) for the kids and a balloon artist.  The whole room was decorated with animals from beanie babies up to big inflatable alligators.

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I came into this Sunday looking to talk to people about where I could volunteer my time.  Unfortunately, the folks in the “stalls” were working harder pushing their snacks than looking for volunteers.  I hope I’ll get more information through the New Member process.

Carolyn and I also talked to a few folks that we’d already met.  Carolyn kept asking whether or not the painted monkeys were designed to look like her.  They really did!  I don’t think these folks quite know how to take Carolyn, but they haven’t really seen me full force either.


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