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Yesterday morning, I woke up at 5:30am to the sound of a “low battery” chirp on my smoke detector. I figured out which one it was (of 7) and replaced the battery.

Then, I noticed that it was rather cold. I looked at the thermostat and confirmed my problem – my furnace was out. And, it was 15F outside at the time!

I have a Rheem gas forced-air furnace. The ignitor failed – for the 2nd time since it was installed 8 years ago.
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I was able to reach Mark Ice of Advanced Air Co, Inc. He responded at 7am on a Sunday morning (Super Bowl Sunday, even) to replace the ignitor and get my house warmed up again. The main reason for this entry is to give him a plug.

If you ever need heating or cooling service in Central New Jersey, I’d recommend Advanced Air Co, Inc. at 1-800-933-9810.


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