Youth Sunday

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Youth Sunday today went very well.

All of the sermons (we have three youth do 5 minutes each rather than asking one to do 15 minutes) were well-written, full of examples linking the message to the text, and well-delivered.  (You can listen to the sermons HERE.)  The music was up to standard as usual.  All of the folks playing other parts (doing prayers, readings, ushering, etc) did well.  The adult message was particularly funny.

The sanctuary was decorated with origami cranes, hanging on fishing line.  The cranes were handed out to the congregation last week as flat pieces of paper, and the congregation was asked to write prayers on them.  We then folded them into cranes and created the art.  Congratulations to Peter and his team for conceiving and completing the idea.

Congratulations to our seminary intern David Berge – Youth Sunday was his main project for the internship.
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I got to participate a bit in front of the crowd in contrast to last year’s behind-the-scenes work.  I played djimbe (an African hand drum) on one anthem.  I also did a plug for Project Open Door’s request for members to invite others to the church and then fill out a survey (so that we can see how we’re doing on hospitality) with Jeff Vamos.  In preparing for the 1 minute skit, we decided that Jeff was the ham and I was the cheese.

I also participated in the laying on of hands for a new deacon (elected in January to fill an unexpired term).

The youth should be commended for their hard work.  One adult who attended the service was heard to say that Youth Sunday just keeps getting better every year.  Last year was hard to top.


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