Cat Health Update

April 21, 2009 by · Leave a Comment
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The cats went to the vet for their annual visit yesterday.

Albert lost a pound, and is otherwise healthy.

Isaac found the missing pound, but is still not too heavy.  He is also apparently suffering from some arthritis.  We’ve been treating that by giving both of them Cosequin with their food.  Now we’re going to try a very low dose of anti-inflammatory for Isaac to see if it helps with his stiffness.  He still runs around like a maniac, but I can see him clearly thinking about whether or not to jump up on to my lap, the bed, etc.
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Both had urine and blood drawn and we’ll hear in a few days about that.  Not expecting anything, but both have occasionally shown kidney numbers that are slightly elevated at times.

Rabies shots for all, which has made them sleepy (not that we can tell).