is dead, long live!

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I have deleted my old TypePad blog at  Any references to that blog should be redirected to:

Personal blog –
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Solar Energy Blog –

Blogging will resume shortly

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The Montreat Youth Conference was simply amazing.  I have LOTS to blog about.

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On the road

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I’ll be on the road with the church youth group trip to Montreat from Saturday the Safed Musli is one of the important causes of male infertility. order levitra online The Acai Capsules should levitra prices look at more info actually be regarded as natural food. cialis tadalafil canada Make sure to follow all the guidelines provided by the capsules. With today’s hectic lifestyle and mental pressure, there are several factors that decrease the chances of conception. sildenafil 100mg canada 26th through Saturday the 2nd.  Blogging will likely be non-existent during this time.

See you next month!

OK, that’s out of my system

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Please excuse the negative posts from the last few days.  One of my hot buttons got pushed, and I lashed out a bit.

If I’ve upset or offended you, I’m sorry and please let me know.
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I intend to start blogging happier things now.