Things are breaking this week

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Last Sunday night we had a windstorm come through behind a Nor’Easter of rain.  About 10:30pm Carolyn and I were lying in bed and we heard (over the LOUD wind) a crash outside.  After going outside I discovered that our barbecue grill had released its friction wheel locks and rolled off the patio landing at a 45 degree angle on a bush.  It had been tucked up against the back porch.  I checked for propane leaks and dragged it across the paving stones (very hard) into the garage for the night.

I also discovered that one of the satellite cables from the dish had gotten pulled out of the siding J-channel and was flopping in the wind.  I tied it down some and we’ll fix it when weekend weather permits.

The grill is OK and the main burners work right.  It has a side round burner that we’ve never used and that burner isn’t adjusted right.  It’ll get fixed when the weather gets warmer.

On Monday I bought some longer bungee cords and the grill is now bungeed to the back porch.

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I have to wonder how someone young enough to have never driven a car with manual brakes would have reacted.  I slowed down, allowed a long following distance to the car ahead, and coasted as much as possible to avoid braking.  I was able to stop but at a much longer distance and it required planning.

So far that’s all that broke.  Last night I woke up cold (we use a setback thermostat) and got panicky wondering if the furnace had broken.

What’s next?

UPDATE: 10am – the part for the car came in.  I should get it back today.