Presbyterian Election 2008 chat

November 4, 2008 by · Leave a Comment
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The Presbyterian blogging community invites you to join us this evening for live chat about the November 4, 2008 election results.  We had so much fun doing this during General Assembly.

Writers should use this link:

You can also just watch the chat at this link:
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I’ll be there starting sometime between 6 and 7pm EST, and stay until we have a presidential winner (maybe later).

See you there!

An Evening at the Command Post

April 14, 2004 by · 3 Comments
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Last night, I participated in the Command Post chat during the President’s press conference.

This posting will discuss the chat itself – not opinions related to President Bush’s statements or related issues. If I post those, I’ll do it separately.

I was surprised at the number of participants, and I think the Command Post folks (Michele and Alan) were surprised as well. Within 5 minutes of opening the room, there were 50 people participating. I think the total peaked at about 95 during the press conference and stayed there until the conference ended.

I was also surprised at the good manners displayed by ALL participants. There were NO personal attacks against chatters by other chatters. In fact, there were very few perjorative attacks against political figures by the chat participants. I’ve participated in other chatroom settings and it’s very rare to have such well-behaved folks.

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Most of the chat participants seemed to be very pro-Bush. This was displayed through opinions that the press was attacking Bush and generally positive interpretations of his responses. I did interject occasional comments that were less supportive of the President, and the responses I got ranged from “that’s a good point” to “what do you mean by that”. Very cordial, no personal attacks, but I clearly felt that my opinions (as middle-of-the-road as they are on these issues) put me in the minority. It’s not that I felt unwelcome – rather that I felt out of place.

It was also fun to joke about the side issues in the press conference. There was a strong consensus that somebody should have camera-tested the President’s tie – it caused rainbow moire effects on my high-end HDTV with DirecTV on CNN. Others likened it to the seizure-causing Japanese cartoon from a few years back. My favorite comment had to be that it was a “mind control tie”. Other “fun” subjects included the President’s hair, the wardrobe of the press corps, and which reporters are never gonna be called on again by this President.

To sum up – it was fun, but I felt sufficiently politically out of place that I’m not likely to do it again. I was encouraged by Michele to provide a counter-point to the “usual crowd”. I really think that the Command Post’s chats (and website in general) have a right-side political bias and deserve the right to feel at home in their web home.