Last Mother-in-Law Update

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Carolyn’s mother is back home now.  She’s talking about going back to work, so she must be feeling better.

Thanks to all for their prayers and thoughts.  She did appreciate them.
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This will be the last update for now.

Mother-in-Law Update – the Sequel

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They figured it out.  Slipped, herniated disc someplace low on her spine.  She’s had cortisone directly to the spine.

They may let her out of the hospital today.
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Thanks for all prayers.

Mother-in-Law Update

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No news.  She’s still in the hospital, still in pain and still no diagnosis.

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Prayer Request

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Carolyn and I got a call about 10am this morning.  Her father took her mother to the ER at 1am for acute pain in her left They either starve the cancer cells to death or stop the progression of cancer by preventing them from generic viagra line dividing any further. What is female sexual dysfunction? There order 50mg viagra are after all certain health conditions that are preventing blood flow into your penis. Referred as an excellent solution for ED (Erectile Dysfunction), Kamagra medicine is a type of solution that helps men find harder erection and a complete Our website buy cheap levitra satisfaction due to longer hours of lust filled erection moments. The disease has its own personal nature so levitra soft tabs that it is difficult to count the number of men in the UK experience this condition. side.  She’s on a morphine-like drip for the pain.  Tests have ruled a few things out, but they don’t have a diagnosis yet.

Prayers would be appreciated.