A quick update

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There’s been a lot going on lately since my last post.

The job search continues.  Yesterday marked 11 months since the layoff.  I do have one possibility pending that would be a 1/2 time consulting job.

At church we’re shifting a bit to handle the resignation of our Associate Pastor which is effectively effective immediately.  This may result in some actual responsibilities for me in my role as Vice-President of the Deacons.  We’ll see.

Last week I went up to Camp Johnsonburg to serve one day as Volunteer Chaplain.  This mainly involved leading bible studies and labyrinth walks for various age groups, but I was also involved in evening vespers.  There was a really neat session with a Senior High unit.  The chaplain (Lorelei) and I were invited to a session called “Questions and Answers” and we had no idea what questions would come up.  We did our best to answer them unprepared and several stories from my life (most written here) were able to serve as at least partial answers.  The most concrete question we got I was able to answer once I was back at home (with a major assist from my Twitter followers) and get the answer back to camp before the unit went home.  I’m going to be repeating this role again later this week.
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The God Complex Internet radio program continues every Monday at noon EDT, 9am PDT.  I’m serving as webmaster for the program and during the live show I coordinate the public chat room.

I’m still busily getting ready for the Montreat Youth Conference later this month (week 5 – July 26 – August 1).  I have all of the items that I need to bring as a Small Group Leader and I’m working on going through the SGL manual now with a Bible in the other hand to prepare myself.

Carolyn was gone for about 10 days out of 14 a few weeks ago working on a problem machine at her company’s California facility.  This included one 44-hour “day” on the last trip.  I think she’s mostly caught up on sleep.

NJ Governor comes out of closet, resigns

August 12, 2004 by · 1 Comment
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In a press conference that I just watched, NJ Governor Jim McGreevey announced that he has come to the realization that he is “a gay american”. He also stated that he had an affair with another man, and apologized to his wife and family. He announced that he will be resigning effective November 15, 2004.

I watched the news conference via the net. It was a bit bizarre – a very well delivered upbeat speech about a totally unexpected topic.

Yahoo Article

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I am strongly in favor of gay marriage. I am even more strongly against infidelity. I’m glad to see him go.

(A Small Victory chimes in with Michele’s comments.)