Life-status update

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It’s been a while since I posted.  I’ll give you an update on what I’m up to.

The pre-seminary process is in full swing.  I’ve filled out all of the forms and got all of the vaccinations (an over-40 returning student missed a few that are now required for school).  After a long process of talking to current and former seminarians and professors and pastors, I chose and registered for summer Greek – a year’s worth of Greek language taught in 2 months.  So for me school starts on July 11.  I’ve also been up to the seminary a few times in the last few weeks – to attend Theologiggle, the play (The Merchant of Venice – excellent production!), and a BGLASS event.  Princeton Seminary still feels comfortable to me.  I continue to be amazed at how many people there I already know – most from non-seminary connections.

Next week I’ll be there again for most of the week for the Institute for Youth Ministry forums.  During that week I’ll be meeting with my mentor for the Youth Ministry Certificate.  I recently asked a number of folks at my church to complete a 360-degree review of me in my ministry and I’ll receive those results.

In the middle of May I’ll be attending a laid-back ministry conference.

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I’ve also had the opportunity to connect with my CPM liaisons and that process is started and continuing.

In conclusion – everything is pointed in the right direction and moving for my seminary time and the future.  The obstacles so far have mostly been minor and surmountable.


Vacation Warning

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Attention readers!

Starting later today, I am on vacation.  Blogging may slow dramatically or stop completely for a week.

Carolyn’s plane from Germany just landed at Newark (we pilots know where to look on the web to follow these things).  I hope she was on it. 🙂

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Monday we head home.  No plans at all for the rest of the week.  I might fly one day.  Mostly both of us need the downtime so there might be lots of snoozing with cats.

See you in a week!

Vacation and topics

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I will be on vacation next week.

This is not a “go somewhere and see the sights” vacation.  My wife and I (and my entire family for that matter) tend to plan to do too much on a “go someplace” vacation.  What I NEED right now is to relax – to plan one activity at day at most and sleep until my body says it’s had enough sleep.

But who are we kidding – I’ll be doing some stuff.

Monday I plan to go to Camp Johnsonburg and help out replacing light ballasts and fixtures to complete their conversion to lower energy lighting.  They have to have it done by the end of the month to get the grant from the local utility and they still have a ways to go.

Later in the week I plan to go flying again, since my blood pressure is under control again and I can.

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On Sunday, my church is holding a choir concert featuring works inspired by the Song of Solomon.  THAT should be interesting.

I know that I owe you a few posts.  One on Youth Sunday – if you can’t wait until I get that written you can go here to see pictures, or here to listen to the sermons (April 22, 2007).  I also owe you a post on the opera Rigoletto by the Boheme Opera company in Trenton – that’ll get done soon.

I also want to write something about the loss of church members when they graduate from high school and drop out of church during or after college.  It hasn’t gelled yet, so I’ll be writing that when the spirit strikes.

I’ll be back at work on the 14th.

My Schedule

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Blogging may be light for a week or two.

I work tomorrow and Friday.  Tomorrow my boss is taking us out to lunch.  Friday is the company lunch.  I hope to be allowed to leave early one or both days.

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While I’m not going anywhere for more than a day, I probably won’t be online as much.

Solar Energy; Out of Office

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All but one of the solar panels have been installed on our house. The remaining work on the outside will be completed on Monday – we expect the electrical work to be completed May All of viagra levitra viagra these lines become part of a rat race, where there is no finish line. Every NY rehab center offer a number of treatment, with the objective of managing particular addictions. go to this site cialis generika Though a viagra pharmacies pill is extremely efficient, men who have high level of stress. Men were already seeking for ailment viagra pfizer prix and this wonder was a complete package for them. 18 or some day that week. See the project site at Smith Electric Company.

I will be attending a training class in Philadelphia next week, so postings here will be few and far between.


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I’m on vacation next week, so this blog will probably be a bit light on new information.

Here’s my “to do” list:

1. If the permits come in early enough, the solar panels for the house will be installed. Not likely.
2. Sleep. Get over the cold that I have now.
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4. Weather permitting, empty and hose out the garage floor. Too much mud on the floor from this past winter.
5. After cutting the lawn once, take the lawnmower for it’s delayed annual service (should have done this in February).
6. Relax. Read. Watch TV. Rent a movie.
7. Go through my sock drawer and pitch the really old and unusuable ones.
8. Clean up my home office (this is REALLY bottom of the list).