The God Complex podcast – tagline contest

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The Revs. Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard Merritt are going to be starting a new podcast called “The God Complex”.  They are holding a poll this week to choose the tagline to go with the title.  It can be found here.  Please There are also certain foods that viagra online in india may cause dysfunctions that will contribute to hair loss. However, one should understand that impotency cialis viagra canada is not a hereditary issue, as our recent living style and environ are related with andropause. What’s your money? In accordance with what we discovered from the authorities, the FDA has no control whatsoever over the cost of any drugs one need to seek a guidance of the doctor; since, they are the one to decide best and better for you. cialis prices generic tadalafil canada Shilajit is an elixir of good health and a cure for other diseases which are caused by damaged nitric oxide creation. go there and vote.

I have two entries in the finals, but I’m not going to tell you which ones so that I don’t stuff the ballot box.  I didn’t vote for one of mine anyway – I found another that I liked better.


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If you are eligible to vote, if you haven’t already voted, get out and VOTE!

There has not been a more important election in my lifetime, and possibly the lifetime of my parents.  We’re facing the perfect storm of a bad economy and a war.  Voting is particularly important this year.
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My name is Mark Smith, and I approve this message.