Busy Week

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This is gonna be a very busy week.  I’m going to be out and about in several communities with lots of activities.  Perhaps I’ll meet you at one of them.

Yesterday the ball started rolling with the God Complex radio show at noon EDT.  That went very well.  Later in the evening I had the Board of Deacons meeting at church which also went very well and very fast.

This morning I’m going to have to mow the lawn due to the impending days of rain (again).

This afternoon I’m going to the Presbytery of New Brunswick meeting, and assisting in the pre-presbytery event on “Working with Facebook”.  Before the meeting I have a networking meeting with someone in New Brunswick.

Tomorrow is relatively quiet.  A networking meeting in the morning, and the DVRA ham radio club meeting in the evening.  I may go get my driver’s license renewed during the day – it’s time again.
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Thursday afternoon begins the Princeton Seminary Institute for Youth Ministry Conference on Emerging Adulthood.  That runs Thursday afternoon and evening, all day Friday, and Saturday morning.  Friday evening, I’ll miss dinner and the recreation to attend a fundraising dinner “Southern Hospitality on the Lawn” related to my church.

Saturday morning I’ll miss rehearsal for Deacon Sunday.  Saturday evening my church youth group is holding a Cabaret and Silent Auction fundraiser for the summer trips.

Sunday morning is Deacon Sunday (I’m doing the Call to Worship), grocery delivery for Crisis Ministry in Trenton and the end of year party for our customers, and the Worship in a New Key service.

Monday I may get to see Carolyn again.  This is really a nutty week.

Youth Group and Instant Replay

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Last night I experienced the first use (for me) of video instant reply at youth group.

We were playing a game of Human Tic-Tac-Toe.  For those of you who haven’t heard of it, I’ll describe it below.  The rest of you can skip the next paragraph.

You have to have at least 11 people.  The group divides into two teams and one person is the gamemaster.  You set up 9 chairs in a square (3 x 3) on a gym floor.  The two teams assign a number (1 to however many there are, but the teams must be evenly sized) to each person.  The game starts with the chairs empty and the teams lined up behind lines an equal distance from the chairs (opposite sides of the room).  The gamemaster yells out a number, and the person from each team with that number runs, walks, moseys, to their selected chair.  This continues until the game ends in a deadlock (alternately the team with the most people in chairs wins in case of a deadlock) or one team getting Tic-Tac-Toe.  You continue as long as you want with new games.  It’s both mental and physical – our most successful player walked over slowly and sat down rather than racing for the obvious play.

The game was a lot of fun.  One game resulted in an epic collision between me and one of the other adult advisors that ended with both of us on the floor, the youth director asking “Are you guys OK?” and the rest of my team yelling “Mark!  Sit in the chair!”  Nobody was injured.
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The gamemaster took out her digital camera and started taking videos of the game.  We had one game where two teams simultaneously got Tic-Tac-Toe in two different rows of chairs, and we had to resort to her video to determine who sat down first.

That’s gotta be the first use in OUR group of instant replay in a youth group activity.

Has anybody else used it?