Amazon’s A9 Search Engine

April 15, 2004 by · Leave a Comment
Filed under: Web/Tech has come out with their new A9 search engine. This is their attempt to make a run at Google and Yahoo.

I took a look today. If you sign in (with your account number), it will remember your searches for you. It also knows what you clicked through them to get to and will tell you that in your search results.

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All in all, A9 is worth watching but Google still has it beat for now.

Amazon and Books

March 25, 2004 by · 2 Comments
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Over on the right-hand side of the page, you will now see a list of books and an link.

Typepad allows it’s users to automatically link to when posting a list of books. They also allow us to use an Associates program ID to get credit when one of you clicks on the link and buys something.

As of yesterday, I am a participant in the Associates Program. I get a little commission when you click one of the links on this page and buy something from them (or in a few other circumstances).
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So, if you were planning to buy a book (or anything else) from and you want to help me pay for this site, please consider coming here first and then clicking the link on the right. No pressure, and I probably won’t mention the program again. Thank you if you choose to do so.

NOTE:  This was on an older incarnation of this blog and no longer exists.