Need Help – Invitational culture and evangelism

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I need your help.

The Task Force on Welcome and Outreach that I mentioned previously will be meeting soon (later this month, probably).  We’d like to come up with 5-8 books on our topic for the team members to read this summer and report back to the group.  This is part 1 of the education phase.

Our charter calls for surveying visitors on their visit experience, surveying the community for their impressions of the church and spiritual needs, and then making recommendations to the session.  The recommendations are supposed to cover creating a culture of hospitality and invitational evangelism.
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Do you have any book suggestions?  I have a handle on what it feels like to BE a visitor, but I’m really stuck on how to survey the community.  Books on invitational evangelism and books on a culture of hospitality would be very useful.

Thanks for your help!  Please leave suggestions in the comments.  If you can’t get the comments to work, e-mail me at the address behind the link in the left-hand menu.

Amazon and Books

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